How to feed the toy poodle in the hot summer thumb How to feed the toy poodle in the hot summer

In the summer, in many areas, temperatures are around 30 ℃, and even hotter, toy poodle love cool weather, the high temperature for them is almost a kind of torture, as long as there is little shade, toy poodle will use.

Under the heat, toy poodle seem to atheism and lazy, lack of appetite, staggering gait.Therefore, farms have sufficient conditions can take a variety of measures, including building a pergola, planting grass and trees, sprinkling and enhancing ventilation and so on, to create a suitable climate for the toy poodle.

In the summer, likely to breed mosquitoes, the food is easy to spoilage, keeping the toy poodle must adhere to four principles: regular, quantitative, qualitative, and constant temperature. Summer is hot and humid, you should insisted on a separate feed, do not give leftover food, do not mix, or sharing food dish, otherwise, not only easy to infectious diseases, but also contrary to the habits of the dog, which affect the toy poodle appetite.

It is worth mentioning is: the weather is getting hot, toy poodle’s appetite will inevitably decline. At this point, feeding toy poodle puppies sheep milk contains soluble dietary fiber to strengthen the promotion of intestinal motility and absorption of food, improve appetite.

However, in the summer, take some heatstroke Athermalisation measures on the toy poodle is also very necessary.

First of all, the summer high temperatures, especially in July and August, the toy poodle’s winter hair is not yet fully receded, like the one in the summer wearing a padded jacket to cover the body, very hot, so often cut off the old hair of the dog is necessary.

Secondly, in the dog days. To minimize the activity of the toy poodle, find a cool and ventilated place for it, to its rest.

Third, the food preparation to adapt to the characteristics of summer, to guarantee the supply of drinking water, and frequently changes to ensure clean. In the dog’s food, especially liquid food can not be overheated, deterioration, so as not to cause food poisoning and diarrhea.

Summer is the most uncomfortable season throughout the year for toy poodle, must pay great attention to strengthening the management.